Energy Wise Programs

Energy conservation practices benefit all KIUC members and our communities by reducing energy costs and improving the quality of our environment. To help our members save energy and money, Energy Wise offers energy-saving programs designed specifically to help manage energy costs.

To help our members use electricity efficiently, Kaua‘i Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) offers the following Energy-Efficiency Programs:

Residential – Solar Water Heating Rebate, Solar Water Heater Zero Interest Loan, Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate, Lighting Program (LEDs for new members), Efficient Appliance Replacement Rebates (freezers, refrigerators, washing machines), Efficient Appliance Rebate for AC and Ceiling Fans, Qualifying Member Appliance Replacement Program (for low income seniors), Home Visits & Appliance Meter Testers

Commercial Retrofit Program – Incentives range from 50% to 100%

These programs help participants better manage their energy costs. The programs have resulted in lowered energy costs, with an improved quality of life and a cleaner environment. 

Efficient Appliance Replacement Rebate Program - This incentive program is designed to encourage members to discard older, less efficient appliances and replace them with new, energy-efficient models. A $50 rebate incentive is paid to members who retire older, less efficient refrigerators, clothes washers and freezers. This is a residential program. New construction does not qualify. Applications are available from Costco, Home Depot, K-mart, Kapa'a Electric & Appliance and KIUC.

Here's How:

  1. Purchase a qualifying appliance.  Residential member must buy appliance.
  2. Complete form and submit to KIUC within one month of purchase date.
  3. Make sure to include a detailed receipt with the completed form.

Appliance Meter Service - The KIUC Appliance Meter Service (AMS) gives members a way to meter and record the amount of electricity consumed by most common electric appliances. This helps them identify high consumption appliances that can be targeted for replacement. Information also can be used to modify the use of various appliances and help reduce consumption. Meters may be borrowed for up to seven days and are available through Member Services representatives at the main office. They come with easy-to-read instructions and a support phone number.

Solar Loan Program - KIUC offers zero interest loans to members who want to change their existing electric water heater to a solar water heating system. The loan also is available for members who want to replace an existing nonfunctional solar water heater at least 15 years old. KIUC pays the interest for the participant. The participant repays the principal over five years. No down payment is required. KIUC has partnered with Kaua‘i Community Federal Credit Union and the County of Kaua‘i Housing Agency to provide funding for the loans.

Solar Rebate Program - KIUC offers an $1,000 rebate incentive for members who are replacing their existing electric or heat pump water heater with a new energy efficient solar water heater. The rebate is also available for members who are replacing their existing nonfunctional solar water heater with a new energy efficient solar water heater. This program is for residential accounts only and new construction does not qualify.

Home Visits - Home visit to resolve high bill inquiries are available at no cost to the member, when questions about high bills are difficult to resolve. KIUC’s Residential Energy Specialist collects information about account energy use and appliance mix over the phone to determine if a home visit is necessary. Members may call KIUC to ask for a home visit and to acquire general electric use information. The specialist visits the home, helps determine what conditions are causing consumption, and provides general educational and program information that may help the member reduce electric use.

New Member Lighting Program - Three 10-watt LED bulbs are provided to each new KIUC residential member at no cost.

Qualifying Member Appliance Replacement Program - The purpose of this program is to help qualifying low-income seniors (age 60+)reduce their residential electricity use by replacing older, less efficient refrigerators and defective electric water heaters with new, more efficient ones at no cost to the member. Qualified participants must own their homes, own the refrigerator and meet federal poverty guidelines for the program year. The refrigerator to be replaced must be at least 11 years old and be the primary refrigerator. There can be no additional refrigerators in the home. This program is offered in partnership with the County of Kauai. Members must contact the County of Kauai Offices of Community Assistance Agency on Elderly Affairs to determine eligibility.

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