Official KIUC Press Releases


Lasers, Diverters Part of KIUC's Expanded Seabird Protection Efforts (08/17/15)

KIUC Holds Annual Membership Meeting (07/23/15)

Consumer Alert: Solar Salespeople Aren't Working for KIUC (07/15/15)

Beat the Heat and Get a Rebate from KIUC (07/14/15)

KIUC to Distribute LED Bulbs at 3 Island Locations (07/09/15)

KIUC Holds 13th Annual Membership Meeting (07/08/15)

KIUC Conducts Member Satisfaction Survey (07/02/15)

KIUC Returns $2.1 Million to Co-op Members (05/27/15)

For 8th Year, KIUC Ranks Among Top Utilities for Solar Integration (04/29/15)

2015 KIUC Board of Directors Election Results (03/14/15)

KIUC Nominating Committee Confirms Eight Candidates (02/03/15)

KIUC Nominating Committee Confirms Six Candidates (01/07/15)

Power Restored After Overnight Outage on Kauai (01/01/15)

KIUC Appoints Incumbent Director to Complete Allan Smith's Term (12/16/14)

Nominations Open for 2015 Board of Directors Election Candidates (12/10/14)

Allan Smith Resigns from KIUC Board (11/25/14)

State Land Board Approves KIUC Energy Storage Plan (11/14/14)

KIUC Offers Tips On Staying Safe After the Storm (10/16/14)

KIUC Tests LEDs as First Step in Street Light Replacement (10/7/14)

KIUC Dedicates Hawaii's Largest Solar Power Facility (9/25/14)

Community Invited to Tour New Koloa Solar Facility (9/23/14)

KIUC Describes Renewables Progress at 12th Annual Member Meeting (07/17/14)

KIUC to Buy Power from New Gay & Robinson Hydro Plant (07/3/14)

KIUC Uses Lasers on Poles to Protect Seabirds (07/01/14)

Blessing, Groundbreaking Held for $54 Million Kauai Solar Project (06/26/14)

KIUC offers $30 worth of LED bulbs for free (06/19/14)

Patronage Capital Refunds Coming Next Week (06/04/14)

KIUC Conducts Member Satisfaction Survey (05/28/14)

KIUC Restores Power After 2-Hour Outage (05/08/14)

KIUC to retrofit 3,500 street lights with efficient LEDs (05/02/14)

KIUC Named in Solar Electric Power Association Top 10 Rankings (4/28/14)

Three Incumbents Reelected to Kauai Island Utility Co-op Board (3/8/14)

CEO Update to the Members (2/25/14)

Work to start on $54 million KIUC solar project in Anahola (2/21/14)

KIUC Warns Members of Phone and E-mail Scam (2/4/14)

74% of KIUC Members Vote to Keep Meter Opt-Out Fees (01/25/14)

Kauaʻi Judge Denies Injunction on KIUC Meter Opt-Out Fee (01/21/14)

11 Running for KIUC Board; Candidate Forum Scheduled (01/21/14)

KIUC Special Election Ballots Mailed (01/02/14)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Meter Fee Election (12/20/13)

KIUC Nominating Committee Approves Candidates; Petition Candidates Have Until Jan. 20 (12/17/13)

KIUC receives member petition challenging meter fees (11/13/13)

Blessing, Groundbreaking Held for $40 Million Kauaʻi Solar Project (11/06/13)

Public Utilities Commission approves smart meter opt-out fees (11/01/13)

KIUC's David Bissell Honored as Solar Utility CEO of the Year (10/22/13)

KIUC Sets Solar Groundbreaking, Updates Progress on Renewables (10/08/13)

KIUC Seeks PUC Approval for Meter Charges (10/02/13)

Kauai Utility Issues Request for Fuel Information, Including LNG (09/24/13)

Get Ready, SOS Season Ramps Up (09/16/13)

Stay Away from Power Lines When Picking Fruit or Trimming Trees (09/05/13)

KIUC Approves 2013-2025 Strategic Plan

County of Kauai, KIUC Announce Collaboration on Energy Initiatives (08/15/13) | Image 1 | Image 2

KIUC Considers Time-of-Use Rates, Sees Renewables Producing Cheaper Power (07/18/13)  

KIUC to hold Annual Membership Meeting July 18 (07/11/13)

Kauai Utility Leads Efforts to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions (06/25/13)

KIUC Board Seeks Comments for Strategic Plan Draft (05/06/13

KIUC Warns Members of Phone Scam (04/18/13)

KIUC receives national honor for growth of solar (04/16/13)

KIUC Board Approves $1,000 Rebate for Solar Water Heaters (03/28/13)

Allan A. Smith Named KIUC Chairman (03/28/13)

Official Results of 2013 KIUC Board of Directors Election (03/23/13) | Official Certification of Election

Power Outage on March 13 for Haena and Wainiha (03/07/13)

KIUC Nominating Committee Confirms 6 Candidates (02/12/13)

Kauaʻi Utility to Build $40 Million Solar Project, Among Largest in State (10/18/12)

Kauai Biomass Plant Receives Financing, Construction Set for 2013 (10/11/12)

Copper Thieves Hit KIUC Facilities (9/25/12)

Waimea Poles Fall (8/31/12)

Kokee Outage Update #3 (8/21/12)

Kokee Outage Update #2 (8/21/12)

Kokee Outage Update (8/20/12)

Patronage Capital Refunds Coming Soon (6/27/12)

KIUC Board Approves Resolution for Smart Meter Deferral (6/26/12)

2012 Youth Tour Begins (6/13/12)

Settlement Reached in Smart Meter Installation Complaint (6/4/12)

KIUC Smart Meter Installation Process (4/12/12)

KIUC Seeking Volunteers as Part of Nationwide Pilot Project for In-Home Displays (4/2/12)

KIUC Reports Power Restored to Island (3/28/12)

Official Results of the 2012 Board of Directors Election (3/24/12)

KIUC Remains Committed to Smart Meter Implementation (3/19/12)

KIUC to Develop Second Large Solar Project on Kauai (3/1/12)

KIUC Clarification on Smart Meters & New PV Installation (2/28/12)

Open Letter to KIUC Members (2/15/2012)

KIUC Nominating Committee Confirms Candidates (2/10/12)

KIUC Named Utility of the Year (2/3/12)

Koide to Head Transmission and Distribution at Co-op

KIUC Nominating Committee Selects Candidates (1/13/12)

KIUC Smart Grid Clarification (11/18/11)

KIUC Offers Smart Grid Community Outreach (10/24/11)

FERC Dismisses Permits for Two Hydro Projects (10/20/11)

KIUC Board Passes Petition Policy (10/13/11)

KIUC to Develop Kaua‘i’s Largest Solar Project (10/5/11)

PUC Approves KIUC’s Participation in Smart Grid Project (10/4/11)

Earthjustice Dismisses All Claims Against KIUC (9/26/11)

Jonas Named KIUC's Chief Financial Officer (8/30/11)

Yamane Named KIUC’s New Chief of Operations (7/29/11)

Alexander & Baldwin and KIUC Announce Largest Solar Facility on Kauai (7/18/11)

KIUC Receives Second Member Petition (7/11/11)

KIUC Membership Approves Board Decision on Free Flow Power (7/8/11)

Patronage Capital Refunds to be Credited to Member Accounts (7/1/11)

KIUC Receives DLNR Support for Hydro Exploration (6/29/11)

KIUC Included in President Obama's Administrations Release of "A Policy Framework for the 21st Century Grid" (6/14/11)

KIUC Hosts Petition Meeting (6/4/11)

KIUC Plans for Special Member Meeting (5/23/11)

KIUC Granted Federal Approval for a Plan to Protect Seabirds (5/16/11)

KIUC Receives Member Petition (5/3/11)

KIUC Resolution Commits to Inclusive Process on Hydro (4/19/11)

KIUC and FFP Take Next Step Toward Moving Kaua‘i Off Fossil Fuel Generation Using Clean, Renewable Hydroelectric Power (3/31/11)

Official Results of 2011 KIUC Board of Directors Election | Results (3/19/11)

David Bissell Named Permanent CEO by KIUC Board (3/17/11)

KIUC Nominating Committee Confirms Candidates (2/17/11)

KIUC Signs Biomass Deal (1/25/11)

KIUC Nominating Committee Selects Candidates (1/18/11)

KIUC Investigates Joint Development of Hydro (1/12/11)

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative Purchases Battery Energy Storage System (1/10/11)

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